Welcome to Everyone Reads!

Here you’ll find shareable PSA videos featuring authors and celebrities discussing why they love to read (and listen) to books. We’re also providing book recommendations from the person in the video. Feel free to share these videos on your own social networks. You can also create your own. Be sure to use the hashtag #EveryoneReads when you share them!

Everyone Reads is a social movement designed to show the countless reasons and inspirations why we all love reading. In an effort to promote literacy and raise awareness for the joys of literature, we’re looking at stories from authors and celebrities about what made them fall in love with reading, what reading means to them and, why they continue to read. These are stories about the importance of books, the worlds reading can take us to, and what it means to us. Everyone has their own story and we’re excited to share them. Whether it’s physical books, ebooks, or audiobooks, everyone reads.

Book Recommendations

Check out book recommendations from the authors and celebrities who have shared why they read.